So, once upon a time, I had an old blog, Catastrophic Success. It's mostly dead now, but it may move soon and start getting posts, who knows.

However, I now have two more blogs running.

    1. First, there is the resurrected Tube of the Day. I take the word of the day, pop it into YouTube and select anything that tickles my fancy. It doesn't have to illustrate the definition, it just has to make me laugh, sad, angry, happy or react in any appreciable way. Some days are gold. Some days are less so.
      Second, there is The Geekling Hatchery, where I, my lovely wife, my geeky and non-geeky friends, who also happen to be intermarried and parents to boot, discuss parenting and marriage as influenced and impacted by geekiness, or being surrounded by geekiness. We are just starting, but please join in the discussion!
      Someday soon, there will be a family blog for the Bixby-Griffin family at, but it isn't there yet. I'm working on it, slowly.
  • Thanks for visiting. Someday I'll have a pretty page here too.